You can put your complete trust in 21st Century Finishes, Inc.

We are a family-owned and operated business with a wide and respected reputation for innovation. When your order requires careful attention to detail we offer the most sought after name in quality finishing. When you are looking to bring a treasure of yesteryear back to life or you want to compete in a vehicle competition on the highest level, you can count on us to provide the winning edge. We are the go to people when it has to be perfect. We are the undisputed best of the best in the business of fabrication and restorative finishes.

All Shapes and Sizes

We didn’t actually earn this Emmy award, but we did earn the appreciation of the owner when we brought it back to its original glory as shown in this before and after comparison. Our expertise includes trophy competitive finishing for automobiles and motorcycles, as well as a variety of marine, business and residential applications. When it comes to finishing, we shine.

Automotive Finishes

When you’re searching for a finishing company that shines, 21st Century Finishes is your one stop location for everything that reaches the level of near perfection. Vintage automobile collections, custom show cars and extraordinary hot rods.

A Flawless Finish

A flawless finish is the main ingredient in bringing home a trophy, and 21st Century Finishes delivers just that in a variety of colors and shines that’s a virtual candy store for entrants. It’s the kind of choices that you just cannot find anywhere.